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Customized Commerce

100% portuguese company

Customized Commerce

Our customer is: Hipermarket; Cash&Carry; Retailer; Restaurants or final customer, we can present suitable proposes to every kind of customer.

Beside quality at competitive prices, we offer the possibility to adapt all our products to customer’s requirements.

Cargo without pallets on container/truck?


Packaging with customer’s brand?


Produce our own bags /with our brand in Portugal?

YES! We help you

Pack any product in any format/kind of packing?


Dusseldorf Palletizing?


Cargo pre-reservation, to avoid unexpected situations?


We count on several transport solutions, worldwide, of our products allowing customer to choose for the best one for himself:

Full truck

Full container (20’DV;40’HC;45’HCPW)

Individual pallet or some pallets, less then a full truck or container

FOB - Collect the cargo on portuguese sea ports

C+F – Collect the cargo on most suitable sea port for you

DAP – Don’t worry with anything, the cargo will be delivered to your adress

EXW – Collect the cargo in our factory

Our packages