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We all have a story…

Three generations ago my great-grandfather
was a charcoal producer in his residence area, Alentejo. The ovens were made with dirt, packing bags with garden forks, sween by hand, with to much KGS, one person was not enough to move it.

My grandfather, like many people from that area, in that time, left Alentejo and went live in Lisbon, looking for a better life. He is no longer producer but charcoal merchant. Supplied restaurants, factory refectories.

My father followed the steps from his previous legacy – charcoal merchant – and took it to the next level, becoming an entrepreneur. In the 90’s an interest for the outside market showed up. Importation and Exportation was now a goal and for that he needed to create a company.


At May, 14 2002 borns Carborodrigues – Comércio de Carvão e Lenhas Unip. Lda


Almost 20 years later of successes, learning, conquers, development, challenges, difficulties, problems, defeats, we are still here to overcome everyday.


Nowadays we are importers and exporters of several products. Charcoal still is our main product. The packing process is semiautomatic, bags from paper or polypropylene laminated, sween machine, weight suitable, one person is enough to carry one bag. Well, 20 years haved passed, afterall!


I have joined Carborodrigues and my father, followed by my brother and sister, to write, everyday, a little more of this story.

Sara Rodrigues, March 2021

Our products

Quality at a fair and competitive price

Wood Charcoal

BBQ Charcoal, ECOCharcoal, Restaurant, Professional use, Charcoal Fines

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Pillow shape Briquette, Sawdust hexagonal Briquette, Briquete cubo (shisha)

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Firewood, Pellets, Pines

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